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Guidelines to Fearful Symmetries--open reading period
Fearful Symmetries guidelines

Renowned editor and anthologist Ellen Datlow will be editing an unthemed, all original anthology of terror and supernatural fiction for CZP, Fearful Symmetries, scheduled to be published in Spring 2014. (The project was funded through Kickstarter by your generous donations!)

Ellen says: "This is a non-theme, all original anthology of about 125,000 words of terror and supernatural horror. I’m looking for all kinds of horror, but if you’re going to use a well-worn trope, try to do something fresh with it. If you’ve read any volumes of The Best Horror of the Year, you’ll know that my taste is pretty eclectic, that I like variety, and that while I don’t mind violence, I don’t think it should be the point of a story. I don’t want vignettes but fully formed stories that are about something. I want to be creeped out."

Payment is 7 cents/word. Up to 10,000 words, BUT Ellen would prefer stories up to 7500 words. No reprints.

A large percentage of the stories have already been solicited, but we have a small window for open submissions, from May 1 - May 31, 2013. Please send your best work.

We are using the Moksha Submissions System. You can submit here:


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Just a small query about the rules on reprints:
Basically I submitted a story to a publisher looking for writers to co-script a portmanteau graphic novel, (successfully I might add: graphic short story I scripted is appearing in the book in Autumn) and as part of the submission process they published the story on their website. The story I was thinking of sending features this story as part of the back story in quotation marks. Just to complicate matters even more, although the script I wrote for the graphic novel is not based on the story I originally submitted (again, it's part of the back story, but hardly even mentioned, let alone quoted word for word), the story I'm proposing to send uses a plot device and a version of one of the characters in the script.
Would this invalidate it as an original story?
Sorry for the complicated nature of this query, but I thought it best to draw it to your attention before I submit, rather than wasting your time by thinking about it afterwards.

If the story you want to submit has a large chunk of a story that has been published or will be published (as it sounds as it if will be this fall ) then don't submit it to me. Send me something else.

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