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The Long HM list for The Best Horror of the Year volume 5 (part one)

I'll leave this open to comments for now, but LJ has been spammy this past year, which is why I've essentially stopped using it. So if that happens, I will close down the comments. (I'll link from FB and Twitter to here so you could comment on FB or Twitter if this gets closed down).

Alexander, Maria “Revivified,” Night Terrors II.
Allan, Nina “Sunshine,” Black Static  29.
Allan, Nina “The Barricade,” Dark Currents.
Allan, Nina “The Elephant Girl,” Shadows & Tall Trees spring, #3.
Allen, Brady “Praying,” Back Roads and Frontal Lobes.
Allen, Brady “There are No Hills,” Back Roads and Frontal Lobes.
Allen, Mike “Budding,” (poem) Phantasmagorium 2.
Allen, Mike “The Duelists,” (poem)  Star*Line July-September.
Allen, Mike “The Ivy-Smothered Palisade,” Beneath Ceaseless Skies April.
Allen, Mike “Vigil,” (poem) Goblin Fruit autumn.
Amundsen, Erik “Dead Air for the River Stones,” (poem) Not One of Us #48.
Anderton, Joanne “Sanaa’s Army,” Blood Stones.
Antosca, Nick “Candy,” Exotic Gothic 4.
Araki-Kawaguchi, Kiik “Nothing Will Be Good Enough for You,” (poem) Polluto 9 ¾.
Araki-Kawaguchi, Kiik “What We Call the Night,” (poem) Polluto 9 ¾.
Arkenberg, Megan “How Many Miles to Babylon,” Lightspeed January.
Bacon, Stephen “Cuckoo Spit,” Black Static 27.                 
Bacon, Stephen “Daddy Giggles,” Peel Back the Sky.
Bacon, Stephen “Girl Afraid,” Peel Back the Sky.
Bacon, Stephen “Somewhere on Sebastian Street,” Horror For Good.
Bailey, Dale “Necrosis,” F&SF  May/June.
Bailey, Dale “The Children of Hamelin,” Lightspeed May.
Bailey, Michael ‘Hiatus,” Surviving the End.
Baker, Daniel “At the Crossroads,” Aurealis 51.
Barber, Richard Farren “Bridge People,” BFS Journal autumn.
Barber, Richard Farren “Skin Deep,” Siblings.
Barber, Richard Farren “Where the Stones Lie,” The 13 Ghosts of Christmas.
Barron, Laird “A Strange Form of Life,” ,” Dark Faith: Invocations
Barron, Laird “Federal Manhunt Unearths No New Leads,” (poem) Aklonomicon.
Barron, Laird “DT,” A Season In Carcosa.
Barron, Laird “Gamma,” Fungi.
Barron, Laird “Hand of Glory,” (novella) The Book Of Cthulhu II.
Barron, Laird “More Dark,” The Revelator.
Barron, Laird “Truckee Stomp,” (poem) Aklonomicon.
Baxter, Alan  “The Goodbye Message,” Ticon 4.
Baxter, Alan & Dowker, Felicity “Burning, Always Burning,” Damnation and Dames.
Bayard, Louis “The Snow,” The Burning Maiden.
Bell, David “The Book of the Dead,” Cemetery Dance #65.
Bell, Peter “A Midsummer’s Ramble in the Carpathians,” (novella) Strange Ephiphanies.
Bennardo, M. “Honesty,” The Spirit of Poe.
Bens, Jr. Paul “If You Love Me,” The Devil’s Coattails: More Dispatches
Benson, Amber “Mademoiselle Consuelo and Her Army of One,” Women on War.
Bergmann, F. J. “Siege Mentalist,” (poem) Not One of Us #48.
Bergmann, F.J. “Hooves,” (poem) Goblin Fruit winter.
Berguño, George “Fugue for Black Thursday,” The Tainted Earth.
Berman, Steve “Capturing Jove Lunge,” Night Shadows.
Bestwick, Simon “Salvaje,” The  Ninth Black Book of Horror.
Bestwick, Simon “Shuck,” Terror Tales of East Anglia.        
Bestwick, Simon “the Churn,” Black Static 27.                                
Beukes, Lauren “The Green,” Armored.
Blackford, Jenny “The Sacrifice,” Aurealis 47.
Blackmore, Stephen “Don’t Lose Your Patients,” Don’t Read this Book.
Blackwell, Gabriel “The Last Film of Alan Smithee,” Conjunctions 58.
Bodine, Angela “Somebody’s Daughter,”  Night Terrors II.
Bogott, Fritz “The Wouri Horror,” Innsmouth Magazine #9.
Bohn, R. S. “Judith of the Lions,” Three-Lobed Burning Eye 22.
Bonansinga, Jay “Heavy,” Shadow Show.
Borski, Robert “Rapture of the Zombies,” (poem) Star*Line July-Sept.
Boston, Bruce “Surrounded by the Mutant Rain Forest,” Daily Science Fiction August.
Boston, Bruce “The Music of a Dead World,” (poem) Asimov’s SF August.
Bourelle, Andrew “Dessicated,” Rosebud 52.
Bowes, Richard “Grierson at the Pain Clinic,” Icarus December.
Bowes, Richard “Savage Design,” Bloody Fabulous.
Bradford, K. Tempest “The Birth of Pegasus,” Dark Faith: Invocations.
Braum, Daniel “Tea in the Sahara,” Kaleidotrope winter.
Braunbeck, Gary A. “Always Something There To Remind Me,” Fear the Abyss.
Brennan, Marie “Waiting for Beauty,” Apex Magazine August. #39.
Brogden, James “The Evoked,” BFS Journal winter 2011/12.
Brownworth, Victoria A. “Ordinary Mayhem,” (novella) Night Shadows.
Bruchac, Joseph “Down in the Valley,” Exotic Gothic 4.
Buchanan, Neil John “Wind Walker,” Lovecraft E-Zine 20.
Bulkin, Nadia “Endless Life,” Phantasmagorium 2.
Bunn, Cullen “For Her Love,” Creeping Stones.
Burstall, Kenneth “The Red Threads and the Green Man,” Kaleidotrope winter.
Campbell, Harley “I Wish That We Could Lay Here Forever,” Morpheus Tales XVIII.
Campbell, Ramsey “The Moons,” The Devil’s Coattails: More Dispatches.
Cantwell, Adam S. “Beyond Two Rivers,” The First Book of Classical Horror Stories.
Carmody, Isobelle “Metro Winds,” Exotic Gothic 4.
Caselberg, Jay “The Dead of Winter,” Lovecraft E-Zine 20.
Cashmore, S.M. “The Badger Boy,” Supernatural Tales 22.
Chamberlain, Adrian “Kriegsmaterial,” Fogbound From Five.
Chaon, Dan “How We Escaped Our Certain Fate,” 21st Century Dead.      
Church, Suzanne “Death Over Easy,” Danse Macabre.
Clark, Simon “The Shakespeare Curse,” Terror Tales of the Cotswolds.
Clark, Stephen J. “The Vigil,” Supernatural Tales 21.
Cluley, Ray “All Change,” Black Static 30.
Cluley, Ray “Bloodcloth,” Interzone 240.
Cluley, Ray “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like…BFS Journal winter 2011/12.
Cluley, Ray “Shark! Shark!,” Black Static 29.                     
Coleman, Emma “Home,” Dark Currents.                    
Connolly, Harry “Don’t Chew Your Food,” Don’t Read this Book.
Connolly, Tina “tiny atrocities,” ,” (poem) Abyss & Apex #44.
Conyers, David and Sammons, Brian M. “The R’lyeh Singularity,” Cthulhu Unbound 3.
Cooper, James “Two Houses Away,” Black Static 31.
Cornelius, Michael G. “Directions,” Dark Tales of Lost Civilizations.
Cowdrey, Albert E. “Mindbender,” F&SF January/February.
Crawford, Belinda “Lex Talionis,” ASIM #54.
Crow, Jennifer “The Last Wife,” (poem) Goblin Fruit autumn.
Cushing, Nicole “The Fourteenth,” The First Book of Classical Horror Stories.
Cushing, Nicole “The Meaning,” Polluto 9 ¾.
Cushing,” Nicole “A Catechism for Aspiring Amnesiacs,” Lovecraft E-Zine 12.
Dakan, Rick “Correlated Discontents,” Black Wings II.
Dansky, Richard “Don’t Be Your Father,” Don’t Read this Book.
Darrach, Shay “Turning,” The Monster Book for Girls.
Davis, Amanda C. “The Living Dead,” (poem) Not One of Us #47.
DeLuca, Sandy “When the Dead Rise,” Slices of Flesh.
Demory, Sean “The Ballad of the Wayfaring Strange & the Dead Man’s Whore,” kindle
Dent, Karen “A Case to Die For,” Damnation and Dames.
DeWan, Christopher “The Garden,” Niteblade December.
Dhar, Nandini “Her Tongue Thinks of Plagiarizing Itself,” (poem) Abyss & Apex #42.
Díaz, Junot “Monstro,” The New Yorker June 4 and 11.
Dougherty, Joseph “Town Car,” Hell Comes to Hollywood.
Dowker, Felicity “Us, After the House Came Back,” Bread and Circuses.
Dowling, Terry “Nightside Eye,” Cemetery Dance  #66.      
Dowling, Terry “The Way the Red Clown Hunts You,” Subterranean winter 2012.
Dreaver, Tamlyn “Petting the Tiger,” ASIM #54.
Duffy, Frank “Permanent Hunger,” The Signal Block and Other Tales.
Duffy, Frank “Scant Offerings For Birds,” The Signal Block and Other Tales.
Duffy, Frank “The No Longer Lost,” The Signal Block and Other Tales
Duffy, Frank “The Signal Block,” The Signal Block and Other Tales.
Duncan, Hal “Sic Him, Hellhound! Kill! Kill!,” Subterranean spring.
Dyer, Thoraiya “Surviving Film,” Blood Stones.
Empson, Mae “The Eel Question,” Three-Lobed Burning Eye 22.
Empson, Mae “The Tea-Serving Doll,” Attic Toys.
Erdelac, Edward M. “The Exclusive,” Danse Macabre.
Esposito, Bernadette “Speck of Light,” Conjunctions 58.
Ethridge, Benjamin Kane “The Bridge Across,” Dark Discoveries #21.
Eveland, Erin “Snuffbox,” Slices of Flesh.
Eyler, Melissa Dollahon “Window Wraith,” (poem), Spirit of Poe.
Farrugia, Mark “Seeds,” Midnight Echo #6.
Faye, Lyndsay  “White Paper Cranes,” The Burning Maiden.
Ferebee, K. M. “The Bird Country,” Shimmer 15.
Ferebee, K.M. “The Keats Variation,” Strange Horizons, June.
Files, Gemma “Fin de Siècle,” Dark Faith: Invocations.
Files, Gemma “Slick Black Bones and Soft Black Stars,” A Season in Carcosa.
Finch, Paul “The Christmas Toys,” The Screaming Book of Horror.
Finch, Paul “The Ditch,” Enemies at the Door.
Finch, Paul “What’s Behind You?” The Ninth Black Book of Horror.
Finch, Paul “Wicken Fen,” Terror Tales of East Anglia.
Fletcher, Tom “Mountain Radio,” The Weird Fiction Review #3.
Fletcher, Tom “View,” Black Wings II.
Flinthart, Dirk “Head Shot,” ASIM #54.
Flinthart, Dirk “Outlines,” Damnation and Dames.
Flinthart, Dirk “The Bull in Winter,” Blood Stones.
Ford, Jeffrey “Blood Drive,” After.
Ford, Jeffrey “The Angel Seems,” Dark Faith: Invocations.
Ford, Jeffrey “The Wish Head,” Crackpot Palace.   
Forth, John “A Song, a Silence,” The Ninth Black Book of Horror.
Forth, John “The Green Clearing,” The 13 Ghosts of Christmas.
Fowler, Christopher “Uncle Alan,” Four for Fear.
Fry, Gary “Mother’s Pride,” The Monster Book for Girls.
Gaiman, Neil “Click-Clack the Rattlebag,” Audible.
Gallagher, Stephen “Eternal Flame,” Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine 55.
Galuschak, George “Society of Dead Milkmen,” Space and Time #117.
Garcia, J. Malcolm “Missing Gene,” Kansas City Noir.
Gavin, Richard “Annexation,” At Fear’s Altar.         
Gavin, Richard “Chapel in the Reeds,” Ibid.
Gavin, Richard “Darksome Leaves,” Ibid    
Gavin, Richard “Goatsbride,” Fungi.
Gavin, Richard “Prologue: A Gate of Nerves,” Ibid.
Gavin, Richard “The Abject,” Black Wings II.
Gavin, Richard “The Eldritch Faith,”(novella) At Fear’s Altar.                      
Gavin, Richard “The Hymn of the Hyades,” A Season in Carcosa.
Gavin, Richard “The Plain,” At Fear’s Altar.
German, Wade “”Moonflowers,” (poem) Nameless spring/summer.
Ginther, Chadwick “First They Came for the Pigs,” Fungi.
Gleisser, Sheldon “Stillborn,” Rosebud 52.
Golaski, Adam “Translation,” Supernatural Tales 21.
Goodfellow, Cody “Life Coach,” Psychos.
Goodfellow, Cody “Wishing Well,” A Season In Carcosa.
Grabinski, Stefan Miroslav Lipinski “On the Hill of Roses,” On the Hill of Roses.
Grabinski, Stefan trans. Miroslav Lipinski “Projections,” Ibid.
Gray, Muriel “Front Row Rider,” The Mammoth Book of Ghost Stories by Women.
Gregory, Eric “The Sympathy,”  Lightspeed April.
Grey, Orrin “Almost Human,” Never Bet the Devil.
Grey, Orrin “Count Brass,” The Burning Maiden.
Grey, Orrin “The Barghest,” Never Bet the Devil.
Griffin, Gail “Four or Five Witches,” Phantom Drift 2.
Grintalis, Damien Walters “Glass Boxes and Clockwork Gods,” Electric Velocipede 25.
Guffey, Robert “Cryptopolis,” Phantom Drift 2.
Hannett, Lisa L. & Slatter, Angela “Burning Seaweed for Salt,”Midnight and Moonshine.
Hannett, Lisa L. & Slatter, Angela “The Red Wedding,” Midnight and Moonshine.
Hannett, Lisa L. “Sweet Subtleties,” Clarkesworld December.
Hannett, Lisa L. “The Short Go: A Future in Eight Seconds,” Aurealis  55.
Hanson, M.N. “The Squatter,” Gothic Blue Book: The Haunted Edition.
Hardaker, Lynn “The Tale’s End,” (poem) Goblin Fruit winter.
Harding, Ian “The Long Hunt,” Horror for Good.
Harmon, Christopher “Deep Water,” Terror Tales of East Anglia.
Harmon, Christopher “Hoxlip and After,” Terror Tales of the Cotswolds.
Harmon, Christopher “Quis est Iste?” The Ghosts and Scholars 21.
Hartglass, Craig “A Long Road,” Swill 6.
Hayden, S. C.” The American,” Fear the Abyss.
Haynes, Katherine “What Carrington Saw,” The Silent Companion 2012.
Headley, Maria Davhana “Game,” Subterranean fall.
Headley, Maria Davhana “Seeráuber,” Subterranean winter 2012.
Helm, Andrew “Muse,” Hell Comes to Hollywood.
Hemingway, Amanda “The White Otter,” Hauntings.
Hemmings, Kyle “The Birds of Averrone,” Morpheus Tales XVI.
Hempel, Amy “A Full-Service Shelter,” Tin House 52.         
Herbertson, Craig “The Iron Cross,” The Screaming Book of Horror.
Hersh, Elizabeth “Weight,” Kzine Magazines Issue 4, September.
Hightower, Nancy Elizabeth “On Eating a Child,” (poem) Danse Macabre online.
Higson, Charles “Dementia,” The Screaming Book of Horror.
Hill, Will “Shuffle,” An Anthology of the Esoteric and Arcane Magic.
Hilton, B. G. “Or Bind His Tongue with a Cord,” ASIM #53.
Hodge, Brian “For I Must Be About My Father’s Work,” Danse Macabre.
Hodge, Brian “Without Purpose, Without Pity,” Amazon kindle.
Hoffman, Alice “Conjure,” Shadow Show.
Hook, Andrew “Caravan of Souls,” Nitrospective
Hook, Andrew “Follow Me,” Nitrospective.
Hook, Andrew “Things That Are Here Now, Things That…” Dark Currents.
Hopkinson, Nalo “The Easthound,” After.
Hore, Kathryn “The Stuff of Stories,” Surviving the End.
Howard, Kat “Murdered Sleep,” Apex August.
Hughes, Rhys “The Quixote Candidate,” The Screaming Book of Horror.
Hulseman, George “The Sea Witch,” Unfit for Eden.
Ingold, Jon “Cracks” Black Static 28.                                 
Jarvis, Walter “The Line-up at Buddy Milam’s Trailer,” Peep Show #2.
Jernigan, Zachary “The War is Over and Everyone Wins,” Asimov’s SF January.
John, Derek “The Blighted Rose,” Supernatural Tales 22.
Johnson, Matthew “The Afflicted,” F&SF July/August.
Johnson, R. P. L. “House of Cards,” ASIM #53.
Johnstone, Carol “God of the Gaps,” Interzone 238.
Johnstone, Carole “Sometimes I Get a Good Feeling,” Black Static 30.
Johnstone, Carole “The Pest House,” Black Static 28.              


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