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Lovecraft's Monsters --coming out in time to distract you from tax day - April 15th
It's already out and about-at least for those who pre-ordered it on Amazon.
Lovecraft's Monsters big cover
with fabulous interior illustrations of each critter by John Coulthart

Table of Contents
Foreword by Stefan Dziemianowicz
introduction by Ellen Datlow
Only the End of the World Again by Neil Gaiman                                           
Bulldozer by Laird Barron                                                                              
Red Goat Black Goat by Nadia Bulkin                                              
The Same Deep Waters as You by Brian Hodge                                            
A Quarter to Three by  Kim Newman                                                            
The Dappled Thing       by William Browning Spencer                        
Inelastic Collisions by Elizabeth Bear                                                  
Remnants by Fred Chappell                                                                           
Love is Forbidden, We Croak & Howl  by Caitlín R. Kiernan                        
The Sect of the Idiot by Thomas Ligotti                                              
Jar of Salts by Gemma Files                                                                
Black is the Pit From Pole to Pole by Howard Waldrop  and Steven Utley     
Waiting at the Crossroads Motel by Steve Rasnic Tem                         
I’ve Come to Talk with you Again by Karl Edward Wagner               
The Bleeding Shadow by Joe R. Lansdale                                                      
That of Which We Speak When We Speak of the Unspeakable by Nick Mamatas
Haruspicy by Gemma Files                                                                                
Children of the Fang by John Langan                                                   

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A book in April and another in May? You're still after all my money...


And one a month or two later (Best Horror of the Year #6) AND Nightmare Carnival and The Cutting Room (yikes!)

Re: Lovecraft

You should be ashamed of yourself..

Yes. I hang my head in shame (always) ;-). I barely have anything coming out next year though, as I've been too busy working on books this year to sell anything new.

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