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An amazing "special comment" by Keith Olbermann
This is riveting:
Olbermann’s Recent ‘Special Comment’

thank you foresthouse

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Wow...Oh my giddy aunt...this is absolutely stunning...

Thank you for posting it!

He hits every nail on the head --please go and disseminate--it should be heard as widely as possible

Already done. Holy crap. Just...wow...

Done, and feeling the same way ~m

Glad others are posting this too. :)

On another topic completely, I just got to Jeff Ford's bio & story in Inferno, and I didn't know he teaches at Brookdale OMG. You know why that's so crazy? Because that's my hometown! I went to literary conferences there! I played field hockey and soccer and tennis there in the summer! I have a bunch of friends from HS who went there! Crazy! Does he live there, too? He probably lives right near my parents. What a small, small world.

I don't know...perhaps he'll come by and respond--or not :-) He may not want anyone to know where he lives!

Oh, well, that's ok. I don't really need to know exactly where he lives. :) I just thought that was such a weird coincidence!

foresthouse: I work at Brookdale, but don't live near there. I live much further south. Did you paqrticipate in the Teen Arts program when you were younger? I might have been one of the people at Brookdale you dealt with as I've been there 20 years. I know the writer Holly Black used to attend those teen arts thingsa when she was in high school. Brookdale was at one time a giant horse farm, at which a great thoroughbred grew up -- Regret. I've wanted for the longest time to make t-shirts that read BROOKDALE -- HOME OF REGRET.

Hello! I assume this must be Jeff? I just read your short story in Inferno and enjoyed it very much!

Southern New Jersey is very nice. A good place to live.

I did participate in Teen Arts! That was the name of the program - I couldn't remember it before. You may indeed have been there - I think it was between 1997-1999 sometime when I went. I remember in particular a seminar in which a writer told us one of the best pieces of advice he could give was to just write, write, write every day, and also to work another job to support oneself until writing paid enough. I don't remember who it was, but I thought the advice was good.

I was the Editor-in-Chief of my high school's literary magazine, and my mom is the AP English teacher at the high school, so she and our lit mag advisor got several of us lit mag folks involved in the Teen Arts program and other writing things, like the Rutgers-Newark poetry contest, which I was a winner of back in the day (I mention this because you may actually have heard of it, unlike non-New Jerseyans!).

Hah, that would make a great t-shirt! There are still a lot of horse farms around there - my best friend growing up had a horse in one of the Colts Neck stables.

In another instance of happenstance, at the National Book Festival I went to dinner with a bunch of Washington Science Fiction Association folks who were hosting several authors, and ended up sitting next to Holly during dinner and talking about growing up in New Jersey. How funny!

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