ellen datlow (ellen_datlow) wrote,
ellen datlow

Laptops stolen during Clarion west

Four laptops and other items were stolen in broad daylight from the sorority house at which Clarion west students stay. Obviously, this is a catastrophe and if anyone can lend a laptop or help in some other way contact Neile Graham or Leslie Howle at info@clarionwest.org
for more info:

Albion's blog

A follow up from Nisi Shawl on July 6:

Thanks for Your Generous Response to Clarion West Dorm Burglary

Due to the swift and generous response of the SF community, Clarion West has now received nearly enough money to replace the four student laptops stolen July 4 from rooms at the workshop residence. Clarion West staff, volunteers, and students all express their thanks for your very timely help. They especially want to thank BoingBoing, Cory Doctorow, Jay Lake, and many more for their generosity and for alerting others to the need for money and laptops. Donations began coming in from around the world just hours after the theft.

"If we collect funds that are much in excess of the cost of replacing the stolen computers, we will return them proportionally to the donors," said workshop administrator Leslie Howle. "The use of PayPal makes this relatively easy to do." She added, "We are all overwhelmed, and the students are immensely grateful. They were devastated by this theft, and it's been amazing to see the community rally to support them."

Thanks everyone!
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